Jack and Tommy interview

Jack and Tommy were interviewed by Rick Kushman for Capital Public Radio’s Insight show. Click here to listen!

6 responses

  1. Just listening to all these great interviews, but of course, my favorite one is this one… loved it and love hearing your voice, Tommy, on all the interviews… missing you… and now you have got me thinking, which 5 songs would I choose? Something fun to ponder and ask others… this is such a great idea!

    1. Thanks Chris, glad you’re liking the interviews! It’s been really fun listening to everyone’s stories. I’m even learning new things about people I’ve known for a long time…

  2. Hi Tommy,
    I have only listened to one or your great interviews (Dick Bright) but it was so interesting. The passion you all have for the music was evident and infectious. It made me take the time tonight to listen to one of my favorite albums, Jeff Beck’s “Truth” . Every time I hear it I’m instantly transported back to the first time I heard it.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Don! Glad you liked the Dick Bright interview. Jeff Beck’s Truth is one my all time favorites also. I saw him play a couple of years ago and he was still amazing! He really has a style all his own. Hi to June!

  3. Great concept guys.

    1. Thanks Neil! We’ll be releasing one a week.

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