5 Songs with Dick Bright


Dick Bright is one of the Bay Areas best known and best loved musicians and bandleaders. As a child growing up in Los Angeles, Dick studied classical violin. All that changed when he was introduced to rock n roll music while attending the University of California at Davis. Since then Dick has worked with everyone from Ella Fitzgerald and Tony Bennett (as the Musical Director at the Fairmont Hotel’s Venetian Room) to Bonnie Raitt and Huey Lewis. He continues to add his unique talents to shows all over the world.


5 responses

  1. What a great song session
    I like dick bright. Great songs with great connections. Cool suit.
    I love these shows guys.
    It’s very cool to hear your guests wade into personal history as they attach
    Favorite songs to moments in their lives. Good and bad moments.
    So right on.

    1. Thanks Bill! I must say, we’re having a lot of fun. And yes, Dick Bright’s outfit is most excellent!

  2. This was simply awesome. And yes, Jack and Tommy need to do a second hour… and a third hour. Hell, a special bonus hour about he and Roger dealt with Led Zepplin’s management after Gilligan!

    This was my first Five Songs ‘cast. I hope to hear many more!!!

    1. Thanks Derick! We are definitely planning to get Dick Bright back for an encore! We need the Gilligan story, as well as more about his days at The Fairmont Hotel. And he didn’t even touch on his SRO band stories….

      1. You are most welcome, Tommy! I LOVE this project of yours. Especially knowing many of the people in your network, I can only imagine who you will have lined up! As we might say here in Oakdale “Brang it!!”

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