5 Songs with Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips photo TOM PHILLIPS

A native Californian and a Sacramentan since 1951, Tom graduated from Sacramento State College with a music degree in 1970. He studied guitar under Tiny Moore as well as Cuban classical guitarist Rey de la Torre.
A member of the seminal Sacramento country rock band Redwing, Tom continues to teach and play music with everyone from rock bands to symphonies in the Northern California area.

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  1. Got a few lessons from tom around 1980 as a young guy…he transcribed BlackBerry blossom at my request played by Mark oconner…I still can’t play it fluidly.he is a great guy and guitarist..now I understand why he wanted me to learn scales

  2. If I could ever do 5 songs again, “Don’t Worry Baby” would be on the list; I’m glad Tom included it. This guy is such a giant musical presence, and a big influence on me in every way.

  3. I played with Tom Phillips in the band Redwing from 1972-1975… I also played bass on their 3rd European tour 1974 and 3rd LP on Fantasy records… of the 25 concerts on the 1974 European tour I was on… 19 were three encore nights… huge sold out concerts Redwing headlining… on stage at times I thought during songs either the walls would explode or floor disappear as I was standing there… the leveling sound of three harmonizing hot guitarists lead by Tom was almost too much.. and the crowd did get that.. a real thrill that still gets me to this day… that Redwing deal is a whole other story for Tom to tell… thanks for interviewing Tom… John Myers

    1. Hi John, Great to hear that story about Redwing, thanks! Tom has been sending me a few things he’s been recording in the last year, and they’re outstanding! As a matter of fact, it’s got us thinking about making a “cool things our guests have been doing” page. He’s got a couple of video clips that we could make links to. The last thing he sent me was sort of a Chet Atkins style thing he wrote, just beautiful! He’s a really great player!

  4. Really enjoyed this interview with Tom Phillips. Always wondered what happened to this most talented guitarist? He is one of the best rock guitarists out there and produces the best of amplified sounds on electric guitar. Wonder where he is teaching guitar? Sacramento area? Absolutely one of the most interesting and confident lead guitarists to listen and watch work the fretboard. He consistently produced a most stunning professional presentation of music every time I was fortunate to see and hear him perform with the former New Breed!

    1. Hi Hank,
      Thanks for writing! Tom has been teaching at Skip’s Music in Sacramento for 25 years. I recently saw a couple of clips that he’ll be putting on his web site that were really great. Beautiful finger style playing! We’ll put up a link as soon as his site is up and running. In the meantime, there are some clips up on You Tube of Tom demonstrating guitars at Skip’s. Here’s one now!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6itrtiUUlCI

  5. Loved the interview with Tom Phillips. Took guitar lessons from Tom in the 70’s and 90’s. Great teacher and guitarist and guy! Got a kick out of the story of him lying awake trying to figure out why he couldn’t quite sound like Lonnie Mack playing “Memphis”. Capo the 3rd fret and it was there. That’s Tom’s guitar playing, great talent and persistence equaled fine playing! Whenever I’ve heard him play, from the Redwing days in the 70’s to down in the pit at the Music Circus on a summer’s evening in Sacto, he’s always been a guitar player’s guitarist…

  6. The 5 songs with Tom Phillips would not play. “File not found” was displayed in the box. ??????

    1. Hi Sherry, Thanks for letting us know! Please try again, the link for the Tom Phillips podcast should be working now…

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