5 Songs with Ric Ivanisevich

Ric Ivanisevich photo RIC IVANISEVICH is a guitarist and founding member of Oleander, a Sacramento rock band. Oleander has released 4 records, beginning with February Son in 1999. Their latest album, Something Beautiful, was released in April 2013. Ric is a Sacramento native.

3 responses

  1. Ric Ivanisevich may very well be the absolute coolest, nicest, most down to earth and balanced, real person on God’s green Earth. When you speak with him you actually feel like you’re involved in the MOST important conversation ever.. Great song choices and an amazing guest.. You guys should have him on once a month!!
    Excellent 5 STARS !!!! Bring him back on !!! That was GREAT !!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for writing, Daniel. It was great talking with Ric, super nice guy! I was in the post office the other day and overheard two gents discussing some band’s new recordings, “yeah, it sounds a lot like Oleander!”…..made me smile…

  2. Great 5songs with ric. Different vibe here. Road rocker. Music didn’t put him in a place in time like most 5songers, just put him in a place. Cool. Great shows tommy & jack. Really entertaining.

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