5 Songs with Tom Donald

TomDonald pic Tom Donald grew up in a musical home in Connecticut, and in his teenage years began to play an old guitar his sister had abandoned. Moving to San Francisco in his early twenties, Tom played guitar, bass and keyboards in various groups while concentrating on writing and producing songs.
For a second act, Tom worked as an ad exec and filmmaker for 30 years. Recently, Tom has returned to his roots and currently writes songs and produces records for a variety of artists.

2 responses

  1. I’m working my way through all your interviews, in no particular order, and I just finished listening to your conversation with Tom Donald. All I can say is, “Superb!” Maybe because I’m of a certain age and Tom and I share certain cultural touchstones. Or maybe because it was just a damn good listen!

    Thank you for doing this. Now Get Back to Work! I’m about out of unheard podcasts.

    1. Hey Zack! Yes, Tom is not only a great friend, but he’s also pretty gosh darned eloquent! I’ll pass on your kudos to him. We are finally getting back to recording some new podcasts, I swear! BTW, I loved your Zachariah live on KDVS show, is there somewhere that people can download that?

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