About Tommy Dunbar

TVD Vienna

Tommy Dunbar, Co-Host

Tommy is a professional musician, best known as the songwriter and guitarist for the power pop band The Rubinoos.

His first musical memories are 78s by Harry Lauder and Gilbert and Sullivan. His brother and sister introduced him to Top 40 hits by such groups as The Chiffons, Lou Christie, The Isley Brothers and a stack of others.  It started there and has never stopped.

He has a tendency to spend hours lost in the You Tube vortex of old rock n’ roll videos.  Some people see it as a problem, but Tommy swears he can stop at any time.

4 responses

  1. I got stuck in the YouTube vortex the other night listening/ watching the Rubinoos… it all started when I was in my car and was listening to some oldies… for some unknown reason (at my age I have no idea why my brain takes me to these places) I had a yen to hear your song that I believe was titled The Girl… later, when I was supposed to be heading to bed (about 2 AM) I decided to take a quick (ha!) visit to YouTube to look for that song… found a treasure trove of Rubinoos (but not that particular song) and didn’t get to bed until 4 AM (and had to be up at 7 AM for a meeting)… perhaps getting sucked into music on YouTube is in our DNA? 🙂 Regardless, it was a wonderful trip down Memory Lane! Thank you!

    1. Eek! Getting stuck in a vortex with The Rubinoos can be rough, I ought to know! Watch out for flying drum sticks!

  2. I enjoyed the interview with Dick Bright. It was just fantastic. I am looking forward to more fun times in the future. What a brilliant Show.
    Thanks guys.

    1. Thanks Robin! I believe you are mentioned in this week’s episode with Elisabeth Nunziato!

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