Jack Gallagher’s Website

Tommy Dunbar Music

Bob Sarlatte’s Website

Ric Ivanisevich – Oleander Website

Kyle Vincent’s Website

Elisabeth Nunziato/ N K Media

Dick Bright’s Website

Sacramento Bee/ Marcus Crowder

B Street Theatre/ Buck Busfield

Beth Duncan’s Website

Sal Valentino/ Beau Brummels

Mike Lidskin’s Twirl Radio

The Rubinoos Website

John Cuniberti Website

Mark Herzig “Free Form, Baby”

Mark Herzig You Tube Channel

Tom Phillips Website

2 responses

  1. Hey Tom, I hope you remember me. You were my guitar teacher from the forth grade through high school at Encina. I lived across the street from Ron and you gave me so much inspiration and such incredible understanding of music and I am forever greatful for every moment I spent watching you guys practise at Ron’ s and I have been and am still playing professionally and now my son is playing the sax with me at my acoustic gigs. I would really like to chat with you sometime if that is possible. Thank you so much. You are awesome.

    1. Hi Steve, I think you meant to send this to my brother Robbie Dunbar. Sorry, you sent this over two years ago! I’ll forward it on to him…Best, Tommy

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